You can join A Select Choice free basic or listing service directly online today. Go to our questionnaire, fill it out and send it to us for appraisal. Or if you wish to join our free service just fill out the profile and download it to us. We will contact you once we receive it. If you wish to join the listings or basic service download your profile to us and we will contact you with a price. We will email you back promptly. If the price is acceptable you then go to our secure payment section and you can pay online. We accept most major credit cards and in Australia clients may also pay by the major Banks B-Pay system. The reason we do not list prices is they vary from country to country.

You may email us regarding any other queries you may have. A description of each level of service we offer is available in the document titled Description Statement. You will receive a copy of the description statement and conditions of service after you sign up. You can view these documents on another area in this site. When joining please do not forget to send us a photocopy off 2 forms of I.D. One must have a photograph off yourself on it. You must also send a recent photo. All the conditions contained in the description statement and the conditions of service will be agreed to when you press the "submit button" to forward a free application. In a paying service these will be agreed to on your signing a copy of each document and the company approving your membership application.