You can join our free or basic service directly at your nearest office today. Go to the office fill out the questionnaire, discuss your requirements with our friendly consultants. Once you have joined your profile will be assessed and introductions will be forwarded to you. You may wish to join the basic service your first introduction will be forwarded to you by your chosen method either mail or email. The price of this service will be explained to you at your initial interview, We do not quote prices here as prices vary from country to country. The price will be affordable. We will inform you by mail or email when your first introduction is arranged. There will be clear instructions on your introduction form regarding further introductions. If you join our secure free service you will receive your first introduction when a suitable paying member selects you as a suitable match. You will receive a copy of the description statement and conditions of service when you sign up. When attending our office please do not forget to bring 2 forms of I.D. One must have a photograph of yourself on it. You must also bring a recent photo, or we can take one for you if you do not have one.