Many people like making new friends, but there are certain things they dislike. Some people dislike smoking or drinking, others dislike gambling or sports. Our services cater for this. As well as having choices for certain interests, you can put more importance on any area of your profile in two ways. The first is the things you do not mind, you can accept any choices. Example if you are not religious, you may accept any religion. This puts more importance on the other areas of your profile when matching is done. If you only want some one with a certain education standard, height build and type of employment, you could put more importance on these areas by saying you accept any of the other criteria in matching. This would give absolute importance to height, build, education standard and type of employment.

The second way to do this is in the interests section. If you will accept most interests but you do not like gambling, dancing, football or any other interests you can put that as a choice. If you put as a choice that you do not want a gambler, this will move you away from these people when matching is done. Therefore you will not get to meet them. You can also make comments on your profile if some other area of matching concerns you. If you are a religious person or a business person and you wish to meet people similar you can place this comment on your profile which will be considered when matchings are arranged.