Free Basic and Listing service:

In our basic service once you are a member of A Select Choice your file and details are transferred to our head office matching department where they will be activated in our computer system. Once activated about two weeks after you join. If in a paying service you will be listed for your first introduction request. On matching days approximately every second day your first match will be chosen and checked over for approval by the department supervisor. You will be informed by your chosen method.This introduction will be forwarded to you by mail or email on a special introduction form. If by mail it will arrive to you in an unmarked plain envelope, so as to blend in with your regular mail and protect your privacy. You will be given only the persons first name their location and instructions on how and what time to contact them. It then becomes your responsibility to make contact.

Note: After initial contact you decide whether or not to meet the person.

Instructions on the introduction form will let you know what to do when you require another introduction. If you have an email address and both people being introduced have one, you may wish to receive your introductions by email. This is your choice. However if you share the use of your computer this may give others access to your emails received from us. We do not recommend to clients to receive their introductions by email. The choice is yours. Also See the section marked Description Statement for details on how introductions are done in all other services.

If you have enrolled in our free service our listing service and your membership is accepted, you will only receive introductions when a paying member selects you as the most compatible match. people in our listing service will be given preference over free members in the case that two members are equally acceptable by the paying client.