This section lists over five hundred careers arranged into eleven interest categories. Many jobs appear in more than one group because several interests may apply equally to a particular occupation. When accessing which catagory your occupation falls into you should consider where your interest lie, after which you should allot the appropriate catagory in the box for yourself; Remember if you are retired or unemployed, you should indicate this by stating this, in the appropriate area and then the employment you would normally carry out should be indicated for yourself. Then decide what your preferences are. You must make a realistic choice as there are four levels to each group, these levels are guidelines and our computer and system will use this information to find you a persons of the same educational or intellectual level if this is important to you. The following is a brief summery of the four levels.


Entry to these occupations generally requires completion of a Degree or Diploma course, or extensive experience and developed skills of an equivalent level.


Occupations in this group usually require completion of secondary education and/or the completion of some further post-secondary education study of a vocational nature.


Occupations in this group usually require completion of secondary education however further part-time study and on job training are often required.


These occupations generally demand no specific educational qualifications for entry. Practical expertise may often be more appropriate than academic achievement.

On the following link pages find all the careers listed under interest categories. The four group ratings of any of the interest categories can be used as a first or second choice. If you has no interest, allot the same catagory your employment falls in as your first choice then any catagory as second choice.