Introduction Agencies have been going for many years worldwide, and have guided tens of thousands of people into happy and rewarding relationships. Many people who now live in loving relationships would have never met, and may have still been searching, or living alone if it were not for services like A Select Choice.

Current Introduction Agencies fill a gap left when todays lifestyle evolved and people became more independent, and broke the reliance on family and friends and old fashion meeting places. A Select Choice believes family still plays an important role for people, but most would prefer to seek outside assistance when it comes to finding a loving partner or relationship.

A SELECT CHOICE is an agency who understands the needs of people in todays society and have
developed new systems and services for people seeking new relationships, regardless of which type of relationship is required, friendship a permanent relationship or marriage.

A SELECT CHOICE can assist you to form a new relationship, and our consultants will understand your situation and discuss your requirements for meeting people.

A SELECT CHOICE is a totally safe and sure way to meet your ideal partner as our consultants personally interview all your potential partners and vet introductions for you, so you can be sure the people are genuine and you are only introduced to people who meet your situation and requirements.

IF you would like to meet people, look forward to a more rewarding lifestyle and are accepting of new relationships fill out our online profile today.

We have many different levels of service, all are designed to assist people to find a compatible partner. Our main aim is to meet your individual requirements set out in your personal profile and to supply suitable introductions based on your requirements and situation.

A SELECT CHOICE comply fully with the Introduction Agency Act which governs Introduction Agencies in the State of Victoria Australia.  Australian residents may call us now 03 98674000

We also assist Country people Interstate and Overseas visitors and are part of a worldwide network.

A SELECT CHOICE cater for all levels of society all ethnic backgrounds, and all aged groups from 18 years and over.

On behalf of the Management and Staff we hope this information will assist you to secure a better lifestyle.

Please fully explore this site. We welcome your comments and suggestions regarding this site.

Yours Sincerely.

Management and Staff at A SELECT CHOICE.